Building Practices

ZIP System Sheathing & Tape

Zip System Sheathing and Tape is a revolutionary structural roof and wall system that streamlines weatherization with an integrated water- and air-resistive barrier.
– Built-in water-resistive barrier protects against water intrusion while still allowing panels to dry.
– Integrated continuous rigid air barrier helps create tight enclosure.
– Helps protect against air leaks to promote consistent indoor comfort.

HVAC Ductwork in Conditioned Space

All our HVAC ducts are installed inside the conditioned space of the home. The unique system used in our homes improves the Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality while maximizing Value. Click here (insert HVAC in Conditioned Space with Boise Joists) to find out more or call to ask about the additional special adaptation that we use to make this advantage even more successful.

Closed Cell Spray Foam

We use closed cell spray foam insulation in a carefully planned manner in all of our homes on all the walls, not just certain areas. This gives our homes Higher Energy Efficiency, Greatly Improved Indoor Air Quality, Enhanced Structural Integrity, Improved Moisture and Condensation Control, and Better Sound Reduction.

Better than “Better is Better”

OK, that might not pass a grammar exam, but it is true. While Energy Star and Green Builders meet the stringent requirements of these programs, our homes far exceed the requirements, obtaining levels of 50% to 55% in energy savings. And that is just the start. Keep reading to learn more.

Energy Efficiency, Indoor Air Quality and Sustainability Suited To Your Needs