Bob Miller is Owner and Builder of R.J. Miller Custom Homes, LLC., and has 18 years of experience building homes in Virginia and Maryland. Carrying the NAHB Certified Green Professional Designation (CGP) and an extensive knowledge of the latest Energy Star, Green Building, and advanced building science techniques, Bob builds every home from design to finish, with his personal attention.

Bob began his career after graduating from Penn State University with a B.S. of Finance, spending 5 years in the field, learning the industry hands on. From there, he took his skill for numbers, knowledge of construction, and aptitude for design; and put it to work in such positions as Director of Operations, Director of Construction, and V.P. of Purchasing and Product Development, all with some of the area’s most notable and well respected companies. Along the way, Bob built a solid reputation as one of the area’s most well respected home building industry leaders, and has built strong relationships with the area’s highest quality trade craftsmen.

To Bob, Everything Matters when building a home. It begins, with the help of the area’s most highly skilled and respected architects, designing a custom home for only the best of lots. The focus is on designing unique spaces that meet today’s lifestyle and emphasizing the strengths and beauty of the lot. It continues with the meticulous selection high quality materials and master trade craftsmen. Then, and perhaps most important, comes the selection of the specifications and scope of work that go into building the home. This is where Bob excels, utilizing building science and the Whole Home approach to homebuilding. That is, every component of the home works in concert with the other components. One selection cannot be made without considering the impact on the rest of the home. Finally, the home must be managed, inspected, and reviewed meticulously so that every detail conforms to what was planned. And if done properly, energy efficiency, sustainability, indoor air quality, and comfort coalesce into a highly crafted home with value that will last a lifetime. 






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